Month: November 2016

Making Positive Change for Chicago’s Youth

Today is National Stop the Violence Day. It is no coincidence that National Stop the Violence Day falls on the week of Thanksgiving. These two special days remind us to spread love and put aside our differences. Unfortunately, Chicago’s youth is at high risk with record breaking shootings every week.  What is National Stop the Violence Day? Traditionally radio and TV stations have implored gangs to cease all gun fire for one day. While poignant for the moment, youth violence is tragically an everyday occurrence. At least one student is innocently killed each week in the Chicago streets. Police have...

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Volunteering Opportunities in the Northwest Suburbs

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season around the corner, this time of year is prime for volunteering opportunities. November and December remind us to be grateful for all the blessings we have, whether it be friends, family, health, and so on. Many of us wonder How can I give back to the community? One of the most valuable gifts you can give to someone is your time. That being said, there are several places you can volunteer your time and kindness to those in need: animal shelters, hospitals, libraries, soup kitchens and much more! Many programs are in need of long-term...

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