As a child, many of us pictured a superhero as someone in a cape with special powers like lightning speed or the ability to fly. While those fantasies disappeared long ago, Frank Karkazis realized every single one of us can be heroes in our own way. Actions as simple as showing kindness to strangers, donating money to a charity or volunteering your time helping an organization are great ways to demonstrate your super powers! After becoming a local business owner, Frank felt it was important to start getting involved with various causes in the community by walking in events or spreading the message. The Illinois’ nonprofit Let It Be Us “Be a Superhero” event on September 10th caught Frank’s eye.

Finding Forever Families

Let It Be Us is an organization with the mission to promote the adoption and education of children in Illinois’ foster care system. There are currently over 16,000 children in foster care…just in Illinois. Luckily we have organizations like Let It Be Us that advocate for these children through fundraising events, create media campaigns to raise awareness and develop various programs that enhance the lives of foster children. Their Finding Forever Families program holds events around the Chicagoland area to recruit adoptive and long-term foster parents in partnerships with Illinois social service agencies.

Let It Be Us -Be A Superhero - Frank G. Karkazis

Be a Superhero

Everyone is welcome to attend the event, whether you have a foster license or not. The purpose of Be a Superhero is to guide current or prospective adoptive/foster parents on their journey through the following activities: provide an informational panel for those who are considering getting involved, listen to personal stories from case workers and adoptive parents, and meet with agencies to learn about their adoption programs. This town hall meeting style event will allow plenty of time for a Q&A session and is free of charge. Children are welcome to enjoy the craft table!

Be a Superhero ‘Adopt from Foster Care’ will be held on September 10th, 2016, at The Ismaili Jamatkhana (100 Shermer Road, Glenview , IL) from 1pm – 5pm. Contact Susan McConnell ([email protected]) with any questions.

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