Current environmental issues, such as rapidly increasing animal extinction rates and high volumes of air pollution, are clearly linked to human activities.  As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to protect our ecosystem and do our best to repair the damage that’s been done. The Village of Deerfield in Illinois is setting a positive example with their new program Green Up Deerfield.

Green Up Deerfield is an environmental initiative with the goal of educating citizens about the importance of sustainable practices and how the community can make simple changes to lessen their impact on our planet. The Village of Deerfield’s Mayor nominated 10 resident volunteers to form the Sustainability Commission. Their purpose is to “act as a resource to the residents, organizations and businesses of our community by assisting them to live and work in a manner that reduces their impact on the natural environment”.

Frank G Karkazis - Green Up Deerfield - Park

Deerfield’s website has dedicated a section to the Green Up Deerfield program which states both the vision & mission statement of the Sustainability Commission. The commission focuses on several key topics: Energy Conservation, Sustainable Project Development, and Residential Water Conservation. Each topic lists specific sustainability programs that have been put in place, along with providing educational information regarding the purpose of these plans and how every household can get involved in making a difference.


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