Avoid Summertime Ice Cream Traps With Healthy Alternatives

Summertime and the living’s easy…but that does not mean that you should break all the healthy habits you’ve implemented to get that summer bod! Yes, it is hot and you are sweaty. Cooling off with a treat is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be traditional ice cream. This common culprit may be fast and easy. But you can stay strong and on track with these helpful alternatives!

Fruit + Yogurt Cones:

This clever snack resembles ice cream because of the cone. However, it is full of your favorite fruit, dark chocolate and choice of yogurt. Brings back all the nostalgia of your childhood, but without the high fat content. Plus, it’s perfect for Instagram!

Ice Cream Alternatives - Yogurt Cone

Double Dipped Chocolate Covered Bananas:

Bananas never tasted so good! Fulfill your need for an ice cream bar with this cold, crunchy & sweet frozen banana. What a way to get your potassium. Plus, think of all the protein gains from the nuts!

Ice Cream Alternatives - Dipped Bananas

Dairy-Free Avocado Ice Cream:

Looking for new ways to use your avocados? Try this delicious “fake ice cream” recipe made with all natural ingredients. No milk, no cream, no eggs, no sugar & no guilt!

Ice Cream Alternatives - Avocado Ice Cream