March 2016 – FGK Services Inc.

Keep It Green & Clean in 2016!

Did you know that green cleaning eliminates sick building syndrome and adds to employee productivity?

FGK Services recommends Green Cleaning solutions for our clients as requested. Our cleaning staff only uses eco-friendly brands and products committed to protecting your employees, customers and loved ones. We value providing a safe environment for our children, especially in public buildings and schools.

Green Cleaning

Have you heard of sick building syndrome? Indoor air pollution is caused by the following indoor pollution sources:

  • Janitorial cleaning products- Toxic chemicals, vacuums, equipment and supplies
  • Combustion sources – like oil, gas, wood, coal
  • Building materials and furnishings – asbestos, wet/damp carpets, and mold!
  • Central heating and cooling systems – not properly ventilated, dirty filters, or contributors to spreading pollution
  • Outdoor pollution that gets in and not properly removed. A significant amount can be removed by janitorial and cleaning companies.

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